Global Civic Policy Society was founded by social entrepreneur and former Vancouver Mayor Sam SullivanAfter establishing 6 successful civil society organizations and serving 15 years as City Councillor and Mayor of Vancouver he committed to creating an organization for research and reflection on civil society, local government and citizenship.

The Global Civic Policy Society seeks to improve society by educating the public on policy issues and general knowledge. It works with educational institutions and volunteers to manage several programs. These include the Public Salons to provide a platform for community leaders; Transcribimus Project to transcribe handwritten document of our history; Chinook Wawa aboriginal language revival; New Columbia Institute to cultivate a new generation of leaders; Kumtuks Videos contributing to public education.

In Memoriam

For 10 Years Global Civic Founder Sam Sullivan hosted private salons over dinner with about 10 invited guests from a broad cross-section of the community. His friend and mentor Prof. Abraham Rogatnick was a frequent guest and just before he died he urged Sullivan to bring the benefits of the salon to a broader public. As a tribute to his friend Abraham, Sullivan decided to do just that. The Public Salon presents public policy ideas and promotes public discussion of them.

Photo Credit: Alex Waterhouse Hayward